Join FTC Team Outer Galaxy

We are inviting applications for new team members to join FTC team 18241 OUTER GALAXY for FIRST Tech Challenge 2022-23 which is a global robotics competition. Ideally we are looking for interested students in South Jersey area who will be Freshman, Sophomore or Junior in High School.

About Team Outer Galaxy

We are an all-girls community based team based out of Marlton, NJ in Burlington County. Outer Galaxy was founded in year 2020 and so far we have competed in two full FTC seasons. In our first in-person season, 18241 qualified in the New Jersey State Championship. We won 16 out of 23 matches we played during the season. We were ranked #3 in our division during the league phase of the tournament.

Benefits of Joining Our FTC Team

Following are some of the benefits you can get by joining our competitive robotics team:
  • Comprehensive STEM experience if you choose to join our technical sub teams
  • Marketing and networking experience if you want to be part of our Marketing and Community Engagement sub teams
  • Volunteer hours for all the FTC 18241 outreach activities that you plan to participate
  • Enhance presentation and leadership skills
  • Certificate from team Outer Galaxy at the end of the season recognizing your participation(Certificates will be issues starting 2022-23 season) Note: Participation in all FTC tournaments and satisfactory attendance required.
  • Opportunity for being considered for multiple team and/or individual awards during the season

    Watch Match 5 Video from League Tournament (2/27/2022)

    Roles of our FTC Team

    You will be joining one of the 3 core sub teams of Outer Galaxy i.e. (A)Strategy & Programming (B)Design & Build or (C) Marketing & Community Engagement. Please note that all team members usually collaborate with each other and assist in all aspects of the FIRST Tech Challenge competition including outreach, marketing, technical, documentation, etc.

    Strategy & Programming: Develops strategy for the season as well as leads the discussion to define a team strategy to achieve the season game mission. Team brainstorms different algorithms and approaches to meet mission tasks. Programming team develops the software for the robot to navigate as well as to operate the various mechanisms installed to execute the mission. The programs are developed in incremental manner to start with smaller simple tasks advancing on to complex autonomous and teleOp programs.

    Design & Build: Collaborate with other teams to evaluate different robot design ideas. Design the robot using Onshape CAD software. Build the robot using wide array of parts from kits, custom made, etc.

    Marketing & Community Engagement: MCE team will develop materials to showcase the FTC team to various audiences including sponsors, social media, prospective team members, etc.

    Eligibility for Team Membership

  • You need not have previous programming or build experience to be part of our technical teams. Although some prior exposure will be helpful. Important is willingness to learn, try and develop these skills while working with experienced peers on the team
  • Students should be in Grade 9 thru 11 to join our team
  • Preferred geographic location is within 15 miles of Marlton, NJ. Any interested South Jersey residents that are able to commute to Marlton, NJ about twice a week during the season are encouraged to apply

    Cost of Membership

    FREE Team Outer Galaxy has been fortunate enough to secure sufficient funding during the season through corporate and individual sponsors. Hence, there are no team member contribution fees for 2022-23 season.

    email with your contact information and someone from the team will contact you shortly.

    NOTE: Team member applications are open from September 20, 2022 and will close on October 15, 2022. HURRY UP before the slots fill up.