Team at Farmingdale

Outer Galaxy won 5 of 6 matches at Farmingdale Tournament

Four of the top awards at Farmingdale tournament

Awards: Audacious Autonomous, #1 Ranked Team, Highest Match Score and Air Superiority

Drive Team at Work

Girls discussing pre-game strategy

Team at Work

Team fixing the robot between tournament matches

2021-22 Season Robot

Our season robot with enhanced mechanisms

2022-23 Season Robot

Our robot for Power Play season.

2023 Robot Version 1

Initial season robot with arm and claw mechanism

2022 Robot Version 2

Revised chassis. New linear slide driven mechanism with 3D printed claw

2022 Robot Version 3

Improvised chassis with 270° swiwel arm to rapid cone delivery

STEM Workshops

Conducting robotics introduction and pathways workshop for young minds in the community

League Tournament

Team Outer Galaxy at Williamstown Tournament on Dec 4, 2022

Meet Awards

Outer Galaxy recognized with HIGHEST SCORE and 3rd League Rank Award