Team Outer Galaxy recognizes that the year 2020 is a unique year throughout the world with many countries trying to control the COVID-19 pandemic. During the last few months we have recognized that education of children is directly impacted by Coronavirus especially in areas where children are struggling with no connectivity or effective forums to continue their education. We have established select outreach initiatives to help children with their STEM education.

FLL (LEGO) EV3 Workshop for Grades 2 thru 8 Students

We are planning to conduct robotics workshop(s) for younger children in an effort to inspire them in STEM. These workshops are currently intended to be in-person sessions in Marlton,NJ. Please contact us at and we will contact you with workshop details. We are planning for these workshops to start in October 2021.

Online FTC Educational Videos on Youtube

We have developed videos of various exercises using our demo robot to help educate and train young students in the school and communities. We will be adding more videos as we navigate through our rookie season and beyond.

Demo of run by distance with Encoders

Demo of Robot Turn

Demo of Robot run till a certain color is detected

Demo of robot run using Distance Sensor